Top Free Antivirus Software in 2021

 Top Free Antivirus Software in 2021

Free antivirus software allows you to focus on your tasks, rather than worry about security or your wallet. Antivirus software provides a sense of security and peace of mind. Access to the internet can leave a computer or mobile device vulnerable to malware and viruses, along with other threats. While it’s hardly controversial to want to stay safe from these threats, the price can be a sticking point for many. Various types of security exist, and finding one that is right for you is essential.

The Reality of Antivirus in 2021
Security risks are a real threat. Cybercrime is estimated to cost $500 billion per month in 2021. With this danger, a problem around the world, protecting yourself is vital. For many people, antivirus software is not going to be the way to stop many common attacks.

Some of the most common and impactful cybercrime happens outside of the area of antivirus influence. Large data leaks and cryptojacking are areas outside of the protection of this software category. Phishing attacks and bad email attachments largely circumvent antivirus or are blocked by the email provider. 

This is not to say antivirus is not useful. It is just important to remember that staying safe goes far beyond downloading a free tool online. This software should not lull someone into feeling invincible online. Smart practices and trusting your gut are great steps. Those interested should check out the video below for some great tips.

Now, for the good news.

Outside of basic skills, free antivirus software does a fantastic job of protecting computers from a wide array of traditional threats. One of the best ways to keep your information safe is to not be an easy target. Modern antivirus is secure, powerful, and even built into your hardware. 

Microsoft Defender – Free, Pre-Downloaded Antivirus for Windows
If you have a PC running an updated version of Windows 10, your antivirus search gets a lot easier. Windows Defender is almost certainly installed on your device. For those running older versions of Windows, check out their website to find which version is right for you. There will likely be a compatible version for all but the most dated devices out there. 

If you have a new Windows device, one of the most notable features of this software is the biometrics. You can sign in to your laptop with your face or fingerprint, depending on the hardware. Antivirus software has long since had an emphasis on password protection. This system alters that need in a convenient manner.

Through the software, you can conduct various types of scans of your device. This will search for viruses and malware. It is important to note this is not the best scanner out there. Windows Defender should be combined with careful online practices. It is one of the lowest-impact software you can have in antivirus. 

In virus and threat protection tests, this software performs well, if not exceptionally. Keep in mind, “well”, means protecting against over 99% of the threats assessed. Unauthorized change is a system that prevents files from being altered by .exe files you have not approved. This can be a little clunky, as it can block legitimate systems. These can be manually authorized. 

Windows Defender offers a host of features beyond “antivirus protection”, strictly speaking. Parental controls and cloud data storage are part of the default package on these Windows Products. 

Who is Windows Defender Right For?
To be blunt, if you are a Windows user with strong self-safety skills, this is perfect for you. You already have it, and it will likely be enough for the majority of your security concerns. 

The low impact on hardware performance and strong scanning capabilities is a serious bonus. Those who operate in riskier areas of the internet, or with more sensitive information, may want something more comprehensive. 

BitDefender – Additional AV for Windows, Scanning for MacOS
Windows users who want a little added protection in addition to Defender will want to consider BitDefender. The same is true for Mac users who want a virus scanning product without having to pay.

This software has an extremely low impact on Windows operating systems. Real-time threat detection is included and strong. This uses behavioral detection to search for unusual and suspicious activity. 

Virus scanning and malware removal function similarly to that on Windows Defender. Both do a strong job, with BitDefender ranking slightly higher in removal testing. 

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