Parrot Brings 4G to Drones With Anafi Ai

 Parrot Brings 4G to Drones With Anafi Ai

Parrot is following last year's Anafi USA drone with a new model made for enterprise, the Anafi Ai. The aircraft sports a newly designed airframe, remote, and camera. And there's an attention-grabbing feature—4G connectivity.

It's an important feature for first responders who may need to fly a drone further than typical control systems would allow for search-and-rescue, 3D mapping, and other operations where you need long range control. Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux describes the Ai as a drone for professionals who need to get a job done.

The Ai works with the Skycontroller 4, a basic remote that requires a phone or tablet to show a camera view. The remote and aircraft are paired using what Parrot calls a Secure Element, a form of data encryption. It works with any 4G network and SIM card, so you can add it to your current cellular plan or use a prepaid SIM for data.

The aircraft sports a small, folding design, but is a bit taller than others. The 48MP camera is nose-mounted, flanked by a stereo obstacle avoidance sensors. Parrot promises the camera provides enough resolution for inspectors to observe 1cm details at 75m (250 feet) distance.

The drone records video at up to 4K60. It supports some features cinematographers will appreciate, including HDR10 and P-Log color profiles, and HDMI output from the controller. Its gimbal has an extended tilt range—it can tilt 90 degrees straight down or up. It's rare to see a drone with this much camera articulation.

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