Best Free Podcast Editing Software in 2021

 Best Free Podcast Editing Software in 2021

Podcast recording and editing can be done by professionals, amateurs, and everyone in between. No matter the content of your podcast or the reason for making it, free podcast editing software can offer fantastic functionality in a no-cost option. The flexibility of podcasting makes it appealing to both individual hobbyists and professional organizations. Understanding the differences of each of the choices available will help you make the right software choice for your skill level and use case. 

Podcast Editing is for Everyone
The best podcast editing software is accessible is because of the flexibility of the medium. Unlike video editing, an audio-only medium requires far fewer moving parts. 3D effects, cinematic camera angles, and other skill and tech barriers don’t exist in podcasts. 

Even better, if you have a microphone and a quiet place to record, you can produce a professional-sounding product. Video editing also needs powerful computer hardware, whereas most work laptops can handle audio editing.

Whether you are just getting started with podcast editing, or have tons of experience, there are important factors to consider. Consider checking out this piece on podcast editing tips. For those who prefer to learn by watching, the video below will also be helpful to beginners and more experienced producers. Other tips include limiting background noise and making a safe, secluded digital audio workstation.

 Best Free Podcast Editing
Below are the best platforms for podcast editing. Find the one that best describes your circumstance, and match it to your experience level and needs. 

Audacity – The Gold Standard of Free Audio Editing
There was debate as to where to put this juggernaut on this list because of its sheer popularity. Audacity offers such comprehensive functionality in a free tool that even companies that can afford paid options sometimes use it. It is as easy to use as it can be, with a wide array of features.

Audacity works for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Getting started is no harder than installing most software to a PC. One problem which free software can have is a lack of educational tools. Where SaaS options typically have vendors to support them, free choice typically has to rely on the efforts of their community. These can be limited, and quickly become dated.  For Audacity, this is not the case. Educational material exists from the website itself, and the community is constantly releasing updated information. 

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